Research Data Repository

Figshare is a safe, secure and easy to use cloud-based repository where you can securely store your valuable research data, whilst remaining in full control of it. You can store it for your private research use, or you can easily expose it and share with others.

Figshare helps make your research data:

  • Citable - get a DOI for your data
  • Shareable - Collaborative spaces to share research data with colleagues you trust
  • Discoverable - publish datasets and showcase in collections

Figshare For Researchers

Figshare makes it easy to create impact with your research.

  • Free 20GB of private space, and unlimited public data storage
  • Public data: comply with funder, publisher and institutional mandates
  • Multiple formats: Upload any file format - most will preview in the browser
  • Access: research files are available online from anywhere in the world Collaboration: research files can be shared privately with collaborators or made public
  • Increased citations: all research outputs made public receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) making them citable
  • Reuse: apply Creative Commons or other appropriate licenses to define terms of re-use
  • Visibility: greater visibility of research outputs once published
  • Discoverability: allows other researchers to find your work, enabling collaborative research
  • Embargo: research outputs can be embargoed when necessary

Get in contact with the eResearch liaison at your institution if you would like to have access to Figshare for Institutions, which has unlimited private data storage and larger upload sizes.

Figshare for Institutions

Figshare for Institutions allows administrators to view metrics and statistics on research outputs. Research data can be managed, curated and disseminated in a customisable portal.

See examples of Institutional Figshare portals:

Get in contact with eRSA if you are interested in acquiring “Figshare for Institutions”. We can assist with data storage and help you get started with this multi-functional research management platform.

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