Your Windows Virtual Machine will have a system drive (Local Disk 'C:') which stores all the configuration settings, the installed software and the user's home folders. This is about 60GB in size as standard.

Secondary TANGO storage disk

Most users will request additional storage on the virtual machine for their data. This secondary TANGO Cloud storage is provisioned with your virtual machine. It will be available as a second disk at a different drive location, often 'D:'. If applicable, it is recommended to store your data in the larger secondary drive.

Shared folders in Remote Desktop

Most remote desktop clients allow you to share a folder or drive from your desktop computer with the virtual machine. Data in these folders are using storage on your Desktop computer, not VM storage.

From a Windows PC:

Set up the "Local Resources" in the remote desktop client that you use to access your VM.

The shared drives will be visible under "Devices and Drives"

From a Mac computer

In Microsoft Remote Desktop on a Mac, create a folder redirection

When you open the remote desktop connection, you will see the shared folder under "Devices and Drives"

Please ask the friendly eRSA servicedesk if you need any assistance with finding or using your TANGO storage.

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