MyTardis is a data management platform with a particular focus on integration with scientific instruments, instrument facilities and research storage and computing infrastructure; to address the challenges of data storage, data access, collaboration and data publication.

eRSA can assist with the deployment and hosting of MyTardis for your instruments, connecting to our storage and computing infrastructure to enable a centralised and automated cloud computing-based solution for accessing, archiving and dissemination of user data sets. Contact the service desk to find out more.

Who should use MyTardis?

Facilities and research groups hosting scientific instruments that generate large data sets can deploy MyTardis to solve the problem of users needing to store large datasets and share them with collaborators online.

MyTardis is currently used to capture data, archive and provide data access and sharing tools to communities of users from areas such as:

  • protein crystallography
  • neutron and X-ray scattering
  • optical microscopy
  • electron microscopy
  • medical imaging
  • flow cytometry
  • genomics and proteomics

Major deployments of MyTardis are Store.Monash, Store.Synchrotron and ImageTrove (at the National Imaging Facility). These service Australian institutions including Monash University, University of Queensland, RMIT, Australian Synchrotron and Australian Nuclear Sciences and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).

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