This Quick Start Guide covers the following:

1. How do I logon to TANGO Cloud?

2. Deploying a VM

3. Managing a VM 

4. View your TANGO Cloud VMs from your Home Page 


For an in depth guide please refer to Using the TANGO Cloud dashboard to create and manage VMs

TANGO Cloud Virtual Machines (VMs) are created and managed using the TANGO Cloud dashboard. Once a VM has been deployed, the hardware configuration can be reconfigured if required.

1. How do I login to TANGO Cloud?

1. Visit 

2. Enter your eRSA username and password.  Username 'demouser' is used as an example. 

Following a successful login you will arrive at the TANGO Cloud Dashboard Home page. 

2. Deploying a VM

1. To deploy a VM, browse the Service Catalog via the "Catalog" tab on the top navigation bar on your TANGO Cloud Dashboard and request the type of VM you'd like.


2. Enter a description and the reason for your request. By default this will deploy one VM, however, you can deploy multiple instances of the same machine by increasing the number of deployments. 

NB: Some management operations (including "Destroy") will apply to all VMs in the same deployment.


3. To configure the VM, select the "vSphere_Machine_1" menu item. Configure the number of CPUs and memory as required- the possible values are shown to the right.


Clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page will begin the deployment process. You should see a notification saying that your request has been submitted successfully.

  • Expanding the deployment in the "Deployments" page.

Once submitted, the request will appear in the "Requests" tab. Notice also, the "Status" of the deployment- it will appear as "In progress" for around 10 minutes for a new deployment of a single VM.

You may need to refresh your browser to see the change in status (to "Successful").

3. Managing a VM 

1. Clicking the VM name will load the management interface for the VM.


4. View your TANGO Cloud VMs from your Home Page 

The TANGO Cloud Dashboard Home Page is customisable and you can display extra information by adding portlets. 

Use the pencil icon  in the upper right corner to change the layout of the Home page and add additional information using "Portlets".

The portlet "My Items" will give you an overview of all your TANGO Cloud VMs.
With this done and your VM's now visible on your Home Page, you may now like to refer to the Quick-Access Guide to your TANGO Virtual Machine.


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