The new User Portal offers a sleek new user interface, with easy navigation and a single point of entry for information about your eRSA services.

Note: The User Portal is currently only compatible with desktop browsers.

  1. Accessing the User Portal
  2. Logging into the User Portal
  3. Portal landing page
  4. Accessing your Dashboard

Accessing the User Portal

The User Portal can be accessed via the “Portal” button on the top-right hand corner’s of eRSA’s websiteUser Support Site or via

Logging into the User Portal

All eRSA account holders can log in now with the same credentials; no changes necessary. You can access our self-service admin features including easy account set up and password resets at any time.

Portal landing page

Upon accessing the User Portal, users will be greeted by the landing page, featuring links to our FAQsSupport Site and our latest User Case Studies.

Accessing your Dashboard

From the landing page, users can click on “My Dashboard” to view active services, or to access project team members. They can also request team member edits or new services by clicking on the add buttons. This will trigger an email ticket to our Service Desk team who will action your request accordingly.

Features such as self-service access and detailed project management settings will be included in future updates.

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